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A Premier Collection Of Boutique Hotels


Hotels and resorts within The Luxe Collection are best-in-class boutique hotels within the L.E. Hotels portfolio. Each is selected based on a combination of popularity index rankings; factors include location, history, service, and amenities. From world-renowned shopping districts to scenic resort destinations to bustling city centers, each Luxe Collection hotel offers exceptional service and unmatched guest experiences.

Meet The Executive Team

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headshot of Efrem Harkham

Efrem Harkham

Chairman, Founder and Hotel Owner
+1 3
10 691 7505


headshot of Joy Berry

Joy Berry

Chief Operating Officer

headshot of Kerry Cooper

Kerry Cooper

Vice President, Operations & Development
+1 310 691 7567

headshot of Michelle Freedman

Michelle Freedman

Vice President, Global Sales
+1 310 691 7722

headshot of Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

Vice President, Business Development, East Coast
+1 310 691 7747

headshot of Gonzalo Ocejo

Gonzalo Ocejo

Vice President, Business Development, International
+34 91 591 6585

headshot of Bianca Porto Barga

Bianca Porto Barga

Vice President, Account Management

headshot of Nancy Korban

Nancy Korban

Director of Member Services
+1 310 691 7700

headshot of Susan Malkind

Susan Malkind

Director, Account Management

headshot of Misty Wagner

Misty Wagner

Director, Account Management

headshot of Patricia Rubiano

Patricia Rubiano

Director of Operations, Europe
+34 91 591 6585

headshot of Christine Jones

Christine Jones

Director, Account Management

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headshot of Jana Adamova

Jana Adamova

Global Director of Sales, Group
+1 310 691 7727

headshot of Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose

Managing Director, Asia Pacific
+1 310 691 7727

headshot of Lisa Lasquez

Lisa Laquez

Corporate Sales, US & Canada
+ 1 917 664 9089

headshot of Nicoletta Pilardi

Nicoletta Pilardi

Regional Director, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7834 632 052

headshot of Karol Lor

Karol Lor

Regional Director, France
+33 0 689 029 809

headshot of Adeline Surault

Adeline Surault

Regional Director of Sales, Italy & Scandinavia

headshot of Garrick Yang

Garrick Yang

Regional Director, China
+86 1896 433 2223

headshot of Sylvia Fletcher

Sylvia Fletcher

General Sales Agent, Germany
+49 6968609050

headshot of Gisele Silva

Gisele Silva

General Sales Officer, Brazil
+55 11 99319 4840

headshot of Mauricio Menendez

Mauricio Menendez

General Sales Officer, Argentina
+54 11 4372 5404