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OD Talamanca

Ibiza, Spain


A Retro-Glam Property on the
Edge of the Mediterranean Sea

The Collection

Combine a kiss of retro glamour with the taste of the Mediterranean Sea and you’ve got the OD Talamanca Hotel. We are centrally located in the finest area of the island with spectacular views of Talamanca Bay and Ibiza’s Old Town. The best beaches, marinas, and nightlife are just steps away from our property. Experience Ibiza like never before when you stay with us on Talamanca Bay.

room with a view and two sinks diving bathroom area and bedroom

Explore Ibiza in Luxury


Make your stay in Ibiza Town unforgettable by staying in one of our 117 rooms with a dazzling view of the Mediterranean Sea. Each of our guestrooms are delicately decorated with minimalist qualities while still delivering the chic ambiance of an island getaway. Choose between a standard and deluxe room or upgrade your stay with one of our suites or loft-style rooms.

Find Things To Do In Ibiza, Spain

Things to do

woman sitting on boat in ocean


See Ibiza from a different perspective with a private luxury boat excursion.

people dancing in dark club with neon lights

Clubbing in Ibiza

No trip to Ibiza is complete without a night of great music and lively dancing that turns dusk into dawn.

walkway looking towards building by ocean

Dalt Vila

One of the most important and most historical parts of Ibiza Town, this Unesco site has been around since the 1600’s and was built in to fend off the threat of Barbary pirates.

Luxe ThingsToDo Ibiza Sunset Ibiza

Scenic Sunset

Plan on watching a sunset before you leave our island. You can catch this nightly natural show from virtually anywhere on the island, including your room.